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Freeform Radio was the voice of a community. We hope FREEFORM Radio Archive will become a community, too, and we invite you to join us.


What do you remember about freeform radio? What did it mean to you? We welcome your stories and recollections. Send your submissions to and we'll give them every consideration for adding to the Radical Radio blog.


If you have tapes, photographs, posters, or memorabilia from that magic era of freeform radio, please send us a message and let us know what you might be willing to contribute to this Archive.


And please consider supporting this effort with your tax-deductible donation to Center for the New Northwest. Memberships are a wonderful gesture of your belief in what we're doing here and no donation is too small (or too large) to be greatly appreciated!

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Founding Members

Bill Szymczyk

David Shepardson

James Pagliasotti

Jamie Dell'Apa

Deva Davisson

Ham Agnew



Bruce Allen
Tilly Gibbs

Ron Middag
Jim (James A.) Clancy
Kenny Weissberg
Joanne Pagliasotti
Lucretia Weems
Roger Pearce
Herb Neu
Davyne Dial
Georgi Ann Clark
Willi Zilkey


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